Get a Career Sooner Going with Technical Colleges

Baking arts school

The job market has gone through a major shift that many are still trying to catch up with. The previous generation was taught the answer to finding a good job was to go to college. However, between a shift in the market and changes in the economy, the jobs for college educated individuals are not what many expected.

For many college graduates, they are finding that they can not find an entry-level job that pays enough to cover the cost of their student loans. Graduates are forced to move back home and live with their parents, so they can afford their student loan payments. This is assuming they can even find a job out of college.

The demand for technical and vocation professionals has increased dramatically. There is a growing shortage of tradesmen including plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and more. There is also a growing need for medical technicians, medical coders and billing experts, as well as chefs and bakers.

Each of the professions listed require specific training and certification, which does not require a traditional four-year college education. For example, there are vocational programs that last less than two years for plumbers, electricians, HVAC, medical billing and coding, and chefs and bakers.

Some of these do offer longer programs. For example, you can go to a cooking college and get a four-year degree, but it is not required for most jobs. Technical colleges provide the certification programs for these specific professions. The programs are shorter, less expensive, and graduates have a better chance of getting a job after graduation.

Those that graduate from technical colleges don’t just have a better chance of getting a job, they have a better chance of getting a well-paid job, a union job, and a job that offers benefits.

There is a general attitude today that people only want jobs that provide personal fulfillment. While that is a nice goal and many have found jobs that provide a source of happiness and fulfillment, young people should be encouraged to study the job market when choosing a profession. Having a stable job that allows you to live independently can be a great source of happiness and fulfillment.

Vocation and technical colleges also allow you to really focus on what you will actually be doing once in the workforce. Culinary schools and baking and pastry schools for example, provide in the kitchen training. Time isn’t spent taking general education classes that are expensive and unrelated to your profession.

These jobs along with others such as a pharmacy technician also allow you to find a job nearly anywhere. They are not limited to just country areas or just big city areas. They are professions that every area needs.

Much like traditional colleges, technical colleges often offer scholarships or financial aid. There are a number of professional groups that also offer scholarships to young people pursue a technical or vocational degree or certification.

As the demand for these types of jobs grows, so will the pay and benefits. Deciding to be an HVAC technician may not sound glamorous, but it is probably one of the smartest moves a young person can do in this market and this economy.

More high schools and school districts need to educate their students about the benefits of vocational training and employment. Students need a realistic understanding of what the job market will be like when they are out of school and how much it takes to live independently.

They also need to understand how student loans work and the value of staying out of debt. Many students are leaving college with tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt and only able to get a job making barely above minimum wage. They are forced to move back home or delay other life decisions due to their financial state.