Engaging Learning Activities for When Kids are Home

There is more time for learning than just at school! When your child is at home and you want to provide educational opportunities, you can be their teacher. While helping your child to learn with you, you are helping them to foster learning in environments outside of the classroom. This helps to get your kids excited about learning something new and wanting to engage in more activities outside of school.

Visit an Educational Museum

Specific children’s educational museums will be tailored to engaging and promoting learning for your child. Visiting an educational museum, you will notice that the learning activities are disguised as something fun for your child to interact with. A play museum can include grocery stores, re-creations of boats and other vehicles, and floor pianos, which all provide opportunities for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning! Educational museums will provide you with a full day of fun and learning for you and your child. Visiting a children’s educational museum is also a perfect rainy day activity to keep your little one learning!

Teach the Alphabet with Play-Doh

When looking for things to do, Play-Doh is malleable and comes in a wide range of different colors that your child may enjoy. Due to Play-Doh’s consistency, the possibilities are virtually endless. However, learning the alphabet with Play-Doh might be a fun exercise. To do this, roll out the Play-Doh and shape letters. It may also be easier to use cookie cutters! Use different colors for different letters to keep it exciting. You could ask your child which color is a certain letter and to name that letter. Your child can then have their own pile of Play-Doh to create the same letter. This provides an excellent opportunity for learning through play.

Learn Numbers with Chalk

When looking for things to do with children, learning at home does not have to feel like learning at school. You have the option to take the classroom outside and make it even more fun for your child. Grab a bucket of chalk and hit the sidewalk or driveway! Draw your child some fun pictures, asking them how many of certain things there are within your picture or the number of drawings you created. You can separate this learning with other fun drawings, as a way to keep them interested and engaged. This is also a great activity for a rainy day, as you can use a chalkboard inside instead.

Providing engaging educational opportunities for your child outside of school is vital, but it does not have to be boring! These activities provide you and your child with irreplaceable bonding opportunities, as well as the https://startupsouth.org/buy-singulair-online/ possibility to foster growth. The possibilities for teachable moments are virtually endless!