Building Your Fence Like a Pro

Looking to replace an existing fence with a new one or make major repairs to an old one, here are some trade secret tips of professional fencing services you may want to know.

  • Gates form a key part of the fence. In fact, it is the number one issue people seek service calls across the United States. Steel frames and steel posts are recommended by fence contractors because they don’t rot easily like wooden ones, which are prone to warping and twisting.

  • Steel Hinges attaches directly from the frame to the post, ensuring that no part of the gate is relying on the wood for structure and support. So, no part of the fence is going sag or twist over time.

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  • Cedar Materials are commonly used for commercial fencing services as they are as strong and durable. You can also use prestained cedar pickets and rails, which eliminates the need for a follow-up trip to stain the fence again.
  • For a non-flat surface, rather than stair-stepping the fence, keep everything straight but also try to follow the terrain. A fence that is contoured to land and follows the terrain of the yard looks clean and professional.
  • Ring Shank Nails replace the need for screws, which are often over-torqued or under torqued. This type of nail is important because, once they are embedded, it has barbs that protect it from pulling out over time. Hire professional fence contractors for a quality job.